Jeff BishopJeff Bishop says…

“I highly recommend this valuable resource! Allie Casey teaches the reader how to be much more effective in the crucial arena of workplace communication. Instead of having to go back and fix costly communication mistakes on the job, the author shows how to avoid them in the first place. The book is written as a handy reference guide. It’s a great tool to increase your confidence at work with many powerful communication strategies. “Misunderstood!” can take your career to the next level and even help improve your personal relationships, by transforming you into a clear and assertive communicator. I’m very glad to have this one in my personal library.”


 This book ‘COULD’ change your life… at work and in general.

By Laval J Brown

This book is a MUST READ for anyone who realizes how important effective communication is in the marketplace today. Not only does she provide practical application examples but she delivers them in a way we can all relate to. Whether you want to attract new clients or just be more effective with your existing client base this book will help you. You may be aware that you need to communicate better but not know ‘how’. Here is your ‘HOW’.

Reading this book showed me where I was strong in my communication and the areas I could definitely improve in. I think everyone who reads this and applies it is going to be amazed at the new results they start getting. I am recommending it to everyone I know who has a desire to develop themselves as better leaders.


LoraleeLoraLee Harmon
I recently attended Allie’s workshop before I had read her book. Her book Misunderstood creates opportunities to see where you have been misunderstood. That your responsible for your message to be heard. There are times when just working on your own listening skills. I have to admit when I read the book and looked at how I might be speaking at a faster pace then the listener that if I get frustrated with them for not hearing me it is my fault. I have already taken on the practices that she provides. They work! The End!
LoraLee Harmon AuthorHow To Grow Your Small Business


Mary GreenwoodBy Mary Greenwood (Orlando, Florida) Author of How to Interview Like A Pro: Forty-Three Rules for Getting Your Next Job.

“Misunderstood” is a great book for trainers, Human Resources professionals, consultants, bosses and employees.

Allie Casey’s gem of a book gives some tips, insights, and exercises on all facets of communication such as listening, asking the right question,nonverbal communications, difficult conversations, embarrassing conversations and correcting communication confusion. Each section sets out the problem and gives some down to earth solutions, often with some exercises to try.

As an author of books on negotiations and interviewing, I liked her advice on those topics.

She provides 5 critical questions to ask in a job interview:1)Ask for a description of a typical day on the job; 2)Ask about any financial concerns you have about the organization; 3)Ask what behaviors your supervisor considers unacceptable; 4)Always ask permission to take notes while the interviewer is talking; 5)Ask what qualities the most successful employee has and what qualities the least successful employee is lacking.

What stands out about Casey’s book is that all her tips come from her own experience. Each chapter could be a separate training exercise for employees.

I give “Misunderstood” my highest ranking.


sissy Read This Book!
ByChristine Kolenda (Yonkers, New York)

If you are looking for a book that has clear, straight forward answers and helps you to say what you want, this is it.
I think every student should read this book as well as all business people.

Bravo Allie Casey!
Fast Read. Well worth it.


Mary OlsenMary Olsen:

“Misunderstood!: The Fast Guide to Communicating at Work–What to Say, How to Say It and When to Shut Up” – What, not everyone thinks like me? Darn! Who knew that being understood had so much to do with taking the time to listen and understand what makes other people tick in order to achieve being understood. The book has been extremely helpful to me and I have passed it on to many others. 


I would highly recommend Allie Casey’s book, “Misunderstood! the Fast Guide to Communicating at Work” for anyone in any line of professional or personal business, as the topics are transferable for any person who has had to work with a group or team.

I particularly liked the recommendations / examples / dialogue provided around listening skills. The section about the difference between reactive / responsive listeners simply demonstrates what is considered “good” listening skills and where I could improve my own communication and listening skills when interacting with a group or one-on-one.

This book is an easy read, well laid out, and easy for a person to flip to a specific section to refresh on a skill that person would like to continually improve upon.