Allie Casey

Allie Casey is the author of the book, Misunderstood! A Quick Guide to Communicating at Work—What to Say, How to Say it and When to Shut-Up. (Aug 2010)

Some people are natural-born speakers and easily win over others by knowing exactly what to say. Other people struggle with finding the right words, keeping emotions in check, and getting people to listen.

The problem is that in the workplace (any size workplace), everyone needs to communicate well in order to create business relationships, listen to feedback, foster teamwork and produce timely results.

What Allie does is help workers–front-line employees, direct reports, managers, CEOs, small business owners, entrepreneurs and everyone in-between–to communicate more effectively, to listen with more empathy, and to decrease costly misunderstandings; in-other-words, to communicate with fewer headaches and better outcomes. Who doesn’t want that!  Want to hire Allie to speak to your organization? Click here for her speaker sheet.

Allie does this through speaking, training and coaching with a process she developed called, “The Invitation for Communication”— a five-step formula that will have you,  your team, organization or key employees communicating more effectively in no time. Her audiences (live or virtual) learn the secrets of communication styles, the art of influential language, strategies to negotiate, and how to connect and communicate with anyone.

What makes Allie different?

Growing up in suburban New York, Allie struggled with what to say and how to say it.  Mostly she said nothing. On her last day of high school a teacher said, “You have been in my class for a year and I don’t know what your voice sounds like.” Wow–what a wake-up call! Allie knew she had to do more than listen–she had to speak. She vowed to make big changes. Today, Allie changes lives by helping others become powerful, effective communications.

From sailing in a hurricane to harrowing life events, Allie is no stranger to adversity. She weaves humor and insight into her stories to inspire, educate and entertain her audiences. Clients and participants appreciate her direct, engaging and energetic style.

Allie Casey brings the best of experience and expertise to turn effective communication into bottom line results. She brings in-the-trenches know-how and years of practical application in sales, management and marketing that adds matter-of-fact depth to her programs.

Formerly, a top-ranked international trainer for one of world’s largest seminar companies, Allie has spoken to a broad cross-section of industries and organizations including: finance, education, government, manufacturing, and the military. Her client list includes: Amtrak, AXA Associates, AT&T-Virgin Islands, BAE Systems – U.K., Canon USA, Deloitte & Touche, EDS, Ethan Allen, NY Dept. of Human Resources, V.A. Medical Center.

Allie has served on the board of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI.) She was elected to speak at the 2000 National Speaker’s Association’s annual convention to represent the New York Metro Chapter. Allie holds a degree in Merchandising and Certifications in Corporate Image Consulting, Business Etiquette, Seminar Training and Entrepreneurship. Allie is a certified Life/Business Coach (CII)

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Allie lives in Orlando, FL.  She can be reached at 407-313-4967.