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Misunderstood! The Fast Guide to Communicating at Work—
What to Say, How to Say It and When to Shut-Up

Dear Workplace Friend,

Are misunderstandings COSTING you time, money, or peace-of-mind? Can’t get people to LISTEN to you? Sticky
conversations making you sweat? Not sure what to say when? CREDIBILITY a little shaky? Afraid to NEGOTIATE?
Sales and service a constant battle? LEADERSHIP and CONFIDENCE
need a boost?

If you answered YES! to any of the above then read on…

Misunderstood! The Fast Guide to Communicating at Work—What to Say, How to Say it and When to Shut-Up has the solutions for you. This book is your reference bible for handling any workplace communication issue—from dealing with a bad boss to handling embarrassing conversations with co-workers to connecting with demanding

You’ll grab this book again and again to get yourself out of tricky situations and bolster your
SELF-CONFIDENCE when handling dreaded conversations.

If you’ve ever struggled with a misunderstanding or two—and I guessing you have—you’re not alone. In fact, I get the same response from every person I have ever posed the question, “have you ever been misunderstood at work?” With a roll-of-the-eyes, a tilt of the head and in a hushed, somewhat guilty
voice the reply is, “oh, yeah.”

Listen—misunderstandings are COSTLY! Lost production, lost sales, lost clients. Not to mention the lingering awkwardness and BAD FEELINGS left from a communication faux pas, POOR MORALE or damaged customer relations. And, the list goes on…the cost of time, money and resources from work that has to be done over, products that have to be trashed or marketing campaigns that missed the mark. But wait—I haven’t even mentioned the damage from BRUISED branding, the RISK of lawsuits from compliance issues, and the DEVASTATION from medical mix-ups.

Misunderstood! The Fast Guide to Communicating at Work—What to Say, How to Say it and When to Shut-Up is chock full of tips and techniques to decrease misunderstandings and increase your ability to be heard, understood and respected. Still not sure this information-packed book will answer your communication questions?

Buy this book NOW and discover how simple it is to:

[image] Go from unsure communicator to self-assured leader – pg.25

[image] Ask the right questions to get the information you need to do your job and earn respect. – pg. 59

[image]Become a responsive listener so you can be heard and get your message across. – pg. 57

[image]Make sure your interpretation matches intention and avoid misunderstandings pg. – pg.49

[image] Keep your composure in sticky situations and still smile. – pg 93

[image] Correct a misunderstanding with the right approach. – pg. 95

[image] Negotiate a better deal for yourself or ask for a raise. – pg. 99

[image] Develop confidence and learn what to say in difficult conversations with co-workers or bosses. – pg.103

[image] Use your personality to win over customers. – pg.137

[image] Sell more by asking this critical question. – pg. 153

Do You Know How to Maximize Your Message?

Forget the fact that you communicate daily—you can still get it wrong if all the pieces of the puzzle aren’t fitting together. Did you know that your posture, your energy, and your frame-of-mind set the stage for your verbal and vocal messages? If all the parts aren’t working in harmony you lose credibility—and no one will listen to you. (And no one will tell you!)

Learn how to create an authoritative structure around your words by harnessing your credibility. Gain a deep knowledge of self-awareness and perspective so you can fit in and connect with others. Develop a core of self-assurance and you’ll broaden your sphere of influence.

Looking to make a good first impression as well as a great lasting impression? Then dive into Section 1 to polish your soft skills for maximum impact and professionalism.

Learn to become a first class listener—it will serve you in every part of you life. Everything you do—you do through others—so start building your base of confidence and connection today.

In Section 1 Confidence, Credibility, Connections—you’ll learn how to…

  • Use the 3 types of credibility to increase your influence.
  • Make a good impression before, during and after your conversations.
  • Check your perceptions and ask for feedback so you’re absolutely sure you have been understood.
  • Make it easy for others to listen to your ideas.
  • Remove the roadblocks to receiving your messages.
  • Apply the 5 critical non-verbal communication skills to power up your message.
  • Communicate in the way your listener likes to communicate.
  • Change your approach if you’re always eating lunch alone.

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Do you ever have days when your co-workers are driving you crazy, your boss won’t listen to you, the CEO ignores you in meetings and everything you say sounds wimpy and ineffective? You can’t change lives, be a strong leader and make a difference if you aren’t being heard. You must know how to communicate with PURPOSE and INTEGRITY, if you want others to take you seriously. You need to develop a connection and listen with care, so you know exactly how others want you to communicate with them.

Become at expert at EXTREME LISTENING.

Learn how to be assertive and stand up for your rights, handle your co-worker’s bullying tactics, your boss’s impossible demands on your time or your direct report’s failure to listen. It’s no secret that powerful communicators are assertive, effective and empathic. It takes some practice but you can learn to do that too.

Section 2 Intention, Information, Interpretation, Interaction, Integration—discover powerful communication secrets to…

  • Keeping congruency in your communication for maximum impact.
  • Influencing others by shifting from weak phrases to powerful statements.
  • Becoming a leader—no matter your role or position.
  • Developing awareness and perception so others listen to you.
  • Mastering the art of effective questioning to get the info you need.
  • Creating a mindset that releases you from being right.
  • Listening from the speaker’s point-of-view to create rapport

Every chapter teaches you vital interpersonal skills you can put to use immediately.

Take responsibility for becoming a POWERFUL communicator because, frankly, no one else is going to do it for you. Forget your role and remember who you are and who you ASPIRE to become.

Invest in your SELF-DEVELOPMENT and your effectiveness as a leader, a salesperson, a caring co-worker or an entrepreneur will soar. If there is one skill we need to continuously keep improving it’s communication.

Here’s what you’ll learn in…

Chapter 9 – The formula for the “Invitation for Communication” to engage others and get them thinking like you do.

Chapter 17 – The exact phrases to avoid and the best phrases to adapt if you want to communicate to persuade others.

Chapter 20 – How the 5 biggest listening mistakes can damage your career and what you can do about it.

Chapter 23 – How to handle embarrassing conversations with empathy, creativity and humor.

Chapter 25 – How to untangle a communication snafu while keeping your cool, your reputation and the relationship.

Have I caught your attention yet?

Chapter 27 – Essential steps and the exact words to negotiate anything—even how to ask for a raise.

Chapter 31 – How to become a solution-oriented problem solver and create better and faster results.

Chapter 33 – The Keys to morale building – it’s not for managers only.

Chapter 34 – How to communicate expectations to avoid misunderstandings, increase productivity and get the outcome you desire.

Chapter 36 – 5 critical questions you must ask in a job interview.

Nothing is more stressful than engaging in a difficult conversation—except anticipating such conversation.

 Don’t wait until you’re facing a dreaded conversation wondering what to say before you take action. Handling a thorny conversation without losing your self-control comes from practice, perspective and awareness. Learn the techniques the best communicators use to conquer the fear and hold difficult conversations. You can learn how to do this too—but only if you order your book today!

Act Now—Your Success Depends on It!

Supervisors, first-time managers, and entrepreneurs—here’s your opportunity to learn the art of effective communication, to give effective feedback, to connect instantly with customers and to decrease misunderstandings.

Misunderstood! The Fast Guide to Communicating at Work—What to Say, How to Say it and When to Shut-up can help you master the secrets to obtaining critical information, show you how to close more sales and how to hire the right kinds of people.

Are you a new grad or a new hire (or know a new grad or new hire) then you’ll want to get this book immediately (or buy it as a gift) to prep yourself for interviews, speak to H.R. and hiring managers and feel confidant you’ll know what to say when you run into the CEO in the elevator.

But nothing happens unless you act now–what are you waiting for—your career depends on it.

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Still want more? I’ve made the learning SUPER EASY.

In the front of each section I’ve provided you with list of salient points highlighting the critical learning from each chapter in that section. How fabulous is that?

In fact, I recommend you copy or tear out (yes, I said that) and post it where you can see it. It’s your own private cheat sheet to sneak a peek at when you find yourself in a heated discussion and emotions are clouding your logical brain.

But maybe you’re wondering if you’ll find answers to your sticky situation. Well then, Section 3 is where you need to be. Negotiations, feedback, resistance, or embarrassing conversations—a SOLUTION for every thorny conversation.

“If you want fast answers for handling sticky workplace conversations, this is a must-read. Keep it handy—you’ll refer to it again and again.”

~CAROL PRICE, international speaker, author, contributor to the Chicken Soup For The Soul Series


Section 3 Difficult Conversations—teaches you the essential assertive communication techniques for…

  • Giving negative feedback and getting a positive outcome.
  • Listening without reacting emotionally when dealing.
  • Negotiating to get the best outcome for both parties.
  • Asking for more information from an angry person.
  • Listening beneath the words to hear what is really going on.
  • Staying present when an employee or customer is angry and out-of-control.
  • Finding empathy and humor in even the most embarrassing conversations.
  • Staying present and listening for false assumptions when giving
  • Apologize sincerely and keep a business relationship intact.
  • Focus on your emotions before engaging a bully.
  • PLUS – THE TOP TEN TIPS to improve your communication!

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Section 4 Attitude, Interviewing, Hiring, Managing, Appreciating

You might be a good communicator but do you know the answers to the questions on…

Pg. 113 – The two kinds of people in the world that can help or hinder your success?

Pg. 116 – The key to keeping customers so they come back for more?

Pg. 117 – The activity that will shift your team’s thinking and outlook?

Pg. 119 – The root problem around unmet expectations?

Pg. 123 – The 6 ways to clearly communicate job responsibilities?

Pg. 125 – The 5 critical questions to ask in and interview?

Pg. 129 – The number one reason to hire someone?

Whether you are directly involved in sales or not, everyone needs to know how to be more INFLUENTIAL. You’ll want to hone your selling skills to give COMPELLING presentations, convince co-workers to cooperate, build strong customer relationships or simply to SELL more. Customer service is the key to SUCCESS in any position, and everyone has internal or external customers. Even if you’re just trying to sell upper management on your idea, the skills in the section will help you be more PERSUASIVE and RESPECTED. And who doesn’t want that?

Section 5 Sales and Service – master the skills to…

Communicate effortlessly to the 4 basic communication styles.

Uncover the secrets to connecting with even the most irate customer.

Be a service leader not just a provider.

Build your business from the customer’s point-of-view.

Make listening easy for your customers so they want to buy from you.

Communicate powerfully by phone and send a professional impression.

Ask the right questions at the right time.

Close more business with one simple question.

And much, much more.

Your career, your sanity, your future depends on your ability to communicate effectively. Don’t wait any longer. You’ve been looking for the answers, feeling the dread, experiencing the embarrassment—don’t put off becoming the CONFIDENT, INFLUENTIAL person you were meant to be.

Become a powerful communicator today! If not now—then when? O.K. Allie, I’m convinced. Where do I order?

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Allie Casey, is a speaker, trainer and coach who loves to help others become effective communicators at work. As a manager, salesperson, and entrepreneur she brings the best of expertise and experience to her “Invitation for Communication” programs, workshops and coaching.